Digital Darkroom Software Review: Lightroom CC, part 2 – Lightroom CC (2015)

Program:  Lightroom CC (2015) Platforms Tested Available:  Mac, Windows Price: $9.99 per month (with Photoshop CC and Lightroom Mobile); Lightroom 6 is also available, without PS & the other CC stuff and without some updates, for $149 or $79 to upgrade from LR5 Installation: Must first download and install the Creative Cloud. From there, you can try or […]

Digital Darkroom Software Review: Lightroom CC, part 1 – Lightroom Mobile

Program:  Lightroom Mobile Platforms Tested Available:  iPhone, Android Price: “free” as part of the $9.99/month CC Photography plan (with Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC and some other goodies) Installation: its a usual download from the app store, but it won’t work without a Creative Cloud membership and one of the monthly plans. With my 30 day trial of […]

Digital Darkroom Software Review: Darktable

Program: darktable (1.6.3; updated to 1.6.7 late in the review process) Platforms Available Tested: Linux, Mac, Windows Installation: normal download dmg & drag app to Applications folder (or wherever you like). Easy. darktable is probably the closest to Lightroom that you’ll find in the open source space. With the exception of user-definable albums (they’re called Film Rolls in darktable, and they’re […]

Photography workflow in Linux: darktable (part 4: the Zone System module)

The Zone System module is not quite as modular as the color correction module, and the precision is equally imprecise, but it’s a great deal of fun, nonetheless. I trust you have some idea about the Zone System. If not, go read up on it. The scroll wheel defines the number of zones, and you […]

Photography workflow in Linux: darktable (part 2: b/w conversion)

There’s really not much to say here… after finding my way around with the first two images, it was relatively easy to convert this shot to black & white for this Black & Wednesday. darktable has a monochrome module unlike any black/white conversion modules I’ve seen before. Essentially, you drag the circle around and change […]