Capture One, iPhone image dates, and file formats Oh My!

I recently complained about Capture One’s inability to “see” the dates in jpegs from Hipstamatic. So this morning I started poking around a bit and found that it’s not just jpegs imported by Image Capture, but also png files (screenshots) imported by Image Capture and Lightroom, and anything sent from the camera roll to the […]

Digital Darkroom Software Review: Review

Before I get started, a disclaimer: NO piece of software is going to make you a better photographer. Practice might. But software will not. Go out there and shoot. You can read this later. Program: LightZone, AfterShot Pro 2, RawTherapee, darktable, Lightroom CC (and Mobile), Capture One Pro, RPP, DxO Optics Pro Platforms Available Tested: (Linux), Mac, Windows Prices: most free, some paid Installation: variable And… done. […]

Digital Darkroom Software Review: Capture One Pro

Program:  Capture One Pro 8 (8.3.3) Platforms Tested Available:  Mac, Windows Price: $299 (10% off coupons are available, and it seems to go on sale from time to time) Installation: Very usual. Wholly unremarkable. Just as it should be. To be perfectly honest, I had no plans to test Capture One. It currently doesn’t support files from the Olympus C5050, […]