Photography workflow in Linux: darktable (part 4: the Zone System module)

darktable test|0034|©20140215-JamesECockroftThe Zone System module is not quite as modular as the color correction module, and the precision is equally imprecise, but it’s a great deal of fun, nonetheless.

I trust you have some idea about the Zone System. If not, go read up on it.

The scroll wheel defines the number of zones, and you drag different defining points around to expand or contract the different zones. It’s really fairly easy to use, and doesn’t really require a full walkthrough, but that’s what I had planned for today, so that’s what you get…

Black & Wednesday for 26 February, 2014 was shot with the D7000 and mamiya/sekor 50mm f/2 lens, reversed, in Aperture Priority mode, at ISO400 and f/2. Processing and editing took place in darktable, running under Ubuntu 13.10 on an Asus eee pc 1015px. I’m really wanting to get back to a bigger screen and more precise mouse, but I’m not really ready to start dual-booting the mac just yet, so these Ubuntu explorations might be on hold for a bit…

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