40 before 40

Today is the last day of my 30s. Insofar as 40 is the new 30, is it perhaps equally accurate to say this is the last day of my 20s? Of that, I have my doubts, and, anyway, I’m very happy to (finally?) be older. And I wouldn’t want to go back even a week, let along a decade or two. I’ve learned so much and travelled so far along this winding road, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

So here, as a reminder to myself, first, and to celebrate, commemorate, and in hopes that I might remember and implement them as I move towards my 50s, are 40 things I learned before I turned 40…  Continue reading “40 before 40”

Who am I?

Back in June and early July, I started blogging about my faith much more than usual. I left photography for 30 days and instead wrote one post per day to give glory to God during the Holy month of Ramadan. Since then, I’ve continued writing about my faith and giving exhortations to myself first to worship God, give thanks, and try to be a better person. Writing things down helps me to remember, and if any of this reaches and benefits other people who read this blog (hi! and thanks for your time!), all thanks and praise belong to God: any benefit comes only from Him, and any errors are my own.

Some of you know me personally. Some of you have known me for many many years. Some of you are family members. You might be wondering “who the [unprintable] do you think you are telling me _______? Don’t you remember when you _______? Don’t you remember when we _______ and _______? Don’t you remember when I _______ and _______ and _______ for you?”

Well, I’ll tell you precisely who I am and what I think I’m doing here… Continue reading “Who am I?”

an open apology

Over the past couple of months, I’ve significantly increased the number of Islamic reminders,  rumination, and rejoinders that I post to this blog, and in my zeal, I’m afraid that I offended some family members and old friends. I’ve also begun responding to uninformed and/or specious claims about my faith or my ±1.6 billion brothers and sisters in faith: I try to write respectfully and from my heart, and I try to tell the truth as best as I understand it, and this is often deeply offensive.

If anything I’ve written here or posted on the effbook has offended or hurt you, it comes from me alone and I take full responsibility. Please forgive me, and please understand that I believe this beautiful religion to be the truth, direct from God, and I’m going to continue to write about it, to remind myself first and try to improve my own understanding and behavior. And I believe the contemporary political climate is toxic, built on fear and greed, I’m as stuck in it as everyone else, and trying to remind people twice my age about being human and trying to live together is probably foolhardy.

Given that I’m on social media holiday at present, I’m unlikely to be adding my voice to the comment chains on the effbook, and so my uncles and aunts and former English teachers are safe to perpetuate their politics in public, while I shout into the void from here.

If you came here from one of the social medias that I broadcast out to, please reach out with any concerns, comments, rebuttals, queries, and criticisms, and let’s try to have some considerate, open, adult dialogue together. If you want to unfollow me on the effbook or tumblr or twitter  or wherever you read this, I understand completely. If you pray, please pray for me and I’ll continue to pray for you; if you don’t pray, I’ll pray for you anyway.


Yes, I’m a researcher.

And it’s fun being a researcher!

I saw these numbers on the edge of the roll of Lomography Cine 200 film that I shot for this season of Petzval Week and didn’t know what they were.Lomo Cine 200-Fuji Eterna 250a|53|©JamesECockroft-20150228I expected it was some kind of code that might reveal who manufactured the film stock used for the Cine 200 line, but didn’t think too much of it until I came across this one a couple of frames later:Lomo Cine 200-Fuji Eterna 250b|55|©JamesECockroft-20150228So it’s a Fuji stock.

To the search bar I went.

My first search for “fuji 250 823 008 594814” returned a bunch of stuff in French. I did take a course in French for Reading Comprehension back in grad school, but the results I saw above the fold pointed to financial documents that I might find of interest in my day job, but that have nothing to do with film stocks.

So I tried again. “Fuji 250” would’ve been too general, I think. Since I knew that Lomography’s Cine line is made up of repurposed movie film stocks, I tried “fuji 250 movie film.”

Bingo! A pdf of Fuji’s motion picture film stocks.

The film stock in question is Fujicolor Eterna 250, a Tungsten-balanced stock designed for shooting under tungsten lamps (like ordinary household ‘soft white’ bulbs… I realize now that that doesn’t mean much anymore: Oh well: tungsten = 3200K = those LED bulbs with the orange plastic bit over the LEDs that tuns the light sort of orangy), which is probably why images shot indoors—like the one of my darling, adorable wife—with this film are so much easier to color correct.

Since the roll with that picture of my wife had no edge markings, I can’t be positive that the film stocks used are the same, but the marketing around the Cine 200 suggests that it is.

Lomography is sold out of the Cine 200. They have some Cine 50 available at $12.50/roll. I think I’ll skip that one: I have about 20 rolls of film that I need to shoot through as is, and I really need to not let my GAS take over and use what I have to get better rather than buying more things to test or play with.

As far as research projects go, this was easy.