You may have noticed a new look here at It’s a new child theme based on Catherine Moore/Automatic’s Scrawl.

I call it scribble

I like it. It’s clean, bright, with easy-reading text and nice big images. The little slide-out sidebar is a nice touch too. I don’t much like the menu, but it’s forced me to pare things down a bit, and maybe I’ll finally get around to creating an archive page or something to help my dear readers find some of my groovy older stuff.

I haven’t changed much, so far. I added images to the blog page and changed the link colors. That’s about it so far, and since I’ve only looked at it in Safari and Chrome on macintosh, it might be horribly off on your machine. If you see anything amiss, please let me know. The comments section should be somewhat easier to find now.

Some images may look a bit off, slid to the left a bit, too small, etc. for awhile while the image resize runs, but it’ll all get back to normal soon enough, InshaAllah.

If you like it, you’re welcome to download scribble. You’ll need to install Scrawl to make it work, but that’s easy enough.

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