After the fun I had pushing the K400 to 1600, I wanted to try pushing the 100 to 400, but the Espio is a fully automatic camera: it has no manual ISO dial and instead reads the DX codes on the film canisister and sets the ISO automatically.

According to various sources, it’s supposed to be easy to just scratch off the paint and fool your automatic camera, and thankfully, Wikipedia lists the DX codes, so…

Say “Bismillah” and go for it!

To make it easy on myself, I decided to try for 320, because I’m lazy and 400 would’ve required me to cover an already-blank square.

We’ll have to wait a bit and see how well it worked… I’m only just now about to develop the film. Wish me luck! InshaAllah, I’m going to use the same development recipe that I used for the 400-to-1600 push.

Edit: Wow, the original version of this was one of the most disorganized, worst-written, nonsensical pieces of drivel I’ve ever posted to this blog. Apologies.

Anyway, I ended up using stock D76 and so found a different recipe to use. I’ll share it in a few days… probably in the new year. I expect to be pretty busy for the next few days, but InshaAllah look forward to some exciting things coming in 2016!

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