A month or so ago, Hana, her sister, and I went to the Vintage Market Days. It wasn’t quite what I expected, and there was a noticeable demographic shift when the three of us (two Bengali ladies and a white male) entered: the number of non-white people increased by roughly 200%; the number of males increased similarly, but maybe by only 25% or so.

We were all vastly outnumbered by white women of various ages, mostly between about 25 and 45, give or take.

That’s just to say that it was not really an event meant for me, for sure, nor, really, for them. Fatema picked up some salsa, I bought a cupcake, and Hana bought nothing.

Anyway, hot off the street-ish shooting in Chicago (if you call shooting from a double-decker tour bus ‘street’ shooting), I wanted to see if I could do it at home and outside, really in public.

Well, I was too tall and too timid, the potential subjects were too homogeneous, and the 50 was not wide enough, but I still got some decent shots, I think.

I’m impressed with the Digibase. I started a roll in Chicago and shared a couple of pictures that I shot out the hotel window, but just now realized I never shared anything from the rest of the roll… I planned to do a review after the Kono review, but with business trips and Hipstamatic updates, and whatnot, I forgot.

So this series of posts is going to make up for that, InshaAllah.

The Digibase did a nice job. The color is great, once you get the white balance close, and contrast, saturation, etc. are really superb.

I’ll have more to say about it tomorrow, maybe, and may throw in a couple of 100% crops or something.

There’s still quite a bit of adventure to be had on this roll…

Oh!, and the cupcake was pretty good.



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