Load Film in Subdued Light… Good advice!

Here are the first two frames from a recent roll of Rollei Digibase CN200…

The crazy white balance is not crazy on purpose… well, maybe a little, but the first four (or three and a half) frames are much redder and harder to calibrate to white than the rest, and the rest were plenty hard.

More on that later.

But here’s frame number 4. I balanced the white pretty close for the right half of the frame. I got it pretty good, I think.

But the left half is too yellow and too magenta. If I set the white balance for the left half, the right half goes blue and green.

I could probably fix it, sorta, with a gradient mask in Capture One, but it’s not really a great picture: I tried to do a bit of street-type shooting at this junk vintage sale thing that Hana and Moni (my sister-in-law) and I went to last month, but didn’t quite get it. I was too timid and didn’t get low or close enough.

Practice will help, and may Allah help me find the opportunities to get some.

And may He help me to remember to load this particular film in subdued light, like maybe a dark bag…

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