a brief FOMAPAN 200 Creative review

Many months ago, I responded to a giveaway tweet from the incredibly generous Dan K, and ended up with a gift certificate to Camera Film Photo. I decided to take the opportunity to try out some of the other Black & White films* out there and picked up 5 rolls each of Rollei RPX 100, Fomapan […]

Kodak Vision 2 100T: 1 Year, 2 Lomos, 3 Rolls

FPP-rolled, expired Kodak Vision 2  100T, is a rather grainy, motion picture stock from the good people at the FPP. Beware: it’s got remjet, but if you manage to get that gunk off, and can pull the green out of it in post (or shoot with a strong-enough orange filter over your flash (or an […]