365.348 ugly bokeh, an attempt

Simon Davis-Oakley—one of the curators of the 365 project and community over on G+—created this assignment (sort of) on the G+ 365 Community pages. The assignment, should we choose to accept, was to shoot a 365 pic with foreground and background bokeh, and it followed a brief question and longer explanation of ‘Bokeh’ that took […]

365.346 a schizophrenic spiderweb (oooohh uh spiderwebs… leave a message and I’ll call you back)

…a likely story but leave a message and I’ll call you back… And two days in a row now I’ve spent half my shooting time wondering what to shoot. …and it’s all your fault Given that I spent most of the day packing and arranging for a truck and conning buddies into agreeing to help […]