365.342 the same river twice

A couple of weeks ago, A Lesser Photographer (aka CJ Chilvers) posted the following to his excellent blog (back when he ran alesserphotographer… now it’s only cjchilvers: own your writing and your photography): Longevity in photos has become inversely proportional to the lack of longevity in the subject. Apparently, this drew the ire of some readers, and so […]

365.341 almost Koonsian, maybe

When I loaded this into the computer, my first thought was “That looks like a Jeff Koons painting!” I’m somewhat less sure about that now, but it does look painted, does it not? Well, it wasn’t. D7000. Vivitar 70-210mm f/3.5 Series 1 (Kiron, maybe), in Macro mode. ISO100, 1/10th, f/3.5. Pop-up set in Commander mode, […]

365.340 Olive

I haven’t posted a picture of one or another of the cats of late, so I thought today’s I’mreallynotquitefeelingit picture could remedy that. It’s not quite in focus, but I doubt Olive minds much, and sof-focus techniques tend to work rather well for such beautiful subjects. D7000. Vivitar 70-210mm f/3.5 Series 1 (Kiron, maybe), in […]

365.339 the beautiful prisoner

I really expected to be frantically trying to find something to shoot for the 365 about now, but (and thankfully) I decided to check and see if any of the run-grab-the-camera-before-the-nice-neighbor-lady-freed-the-trapped-butterfly grab shots grabbed my attention… Exactly one was in focus. Exactly one had a reasonable composition. Given this was shot by prefocusing on the […]

365.337 yesterday’s was better, methinks

Well, I intended to make another ghostwalker attempt this morning, but I got a late start (by ~2 minutes or less), so I decided to try this again. I don’t know about you, but I think yesterday’s attempt was better. It’s not that I don’t like this one, and it’s closer to my vision, but […]