I really expected to be frantically trying to find something to shoot for the 365 about now, but (and thankfully) I decided to check and see if any of the run-grab-the-camera-before-the-nice-neighbor-lady-freed-the-trapped-butterfly grab shots grabbed my attention…

Exactly one was in focus.
Exactly one had a reasonable composition.

Given this was shot by prefocusing on the handle of the door (about 3 feet above this), then crouching and pointing the camera in the general direction of where I thought I might get a decent shot, and given that I only made 3 pictures (one, before this, had no butterfly at all; one after this had the butterfly mostly in the black frame section), and given that I shot this at f/1.4 with the Sigma 30mm, I think I did a pretty flipping good job.

Go me.

D7000. Sigma 30mm f/1.4. ISO100, 1/2000th (AP mode), f/1.4, -1EV. A very slight crop, and about 2 minutes of slider play (a slight dodge of the butterfly body, and some levels adjustments) in Aperture.

And anyone have any idea why Aperture didn’t record the EXIF on this one? I reuploaded the original file, and got the EXIF data just fine. I hope this isn’t an indication of some strange Aperture bug, especially after finding that iTunes is still randomly deleting music from my external storage with absolutely no indication (other than the ! when I go to play the missing tracks, and the CCC archives I have set up).

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