Dallas Skyline Meetup

The North Texas Photography Explorers MeetUp Group met up last night in the Trinity River bottoms between Oak Cliff and Downtown. This used to be a fairly sketchy area, but I felt completely safe, and the only people I saw were in cars, on bicycles, or other MeetUpers, though there is evidence of some late-night […]

365.241 Dallas Skyline

now with 20% more sunstars! Well, the North Texas Photography Explorers MeetUp Group met up to shoot the Dallas Skyline from the Trinity River bottoms/levee tonight. I met a couple of friendly people, shot with one most of the night, waved hello and/or goodbye at some others, and generally enjoyed myself. I’m going to make […]

UTD Campus Photowalk and Hipstamatic recipe tests

Took a walk around the UTD campus with momma this morning, and decided all spur-of-the-moment like to take only the iPhone and give Hipstamatic a workout. Dan Cristea (@Konstruktivist) recommended some lens/film combinations at LoFiMode that I wanted to test out, and see how my only ‘favorited’ combination (the new-ish Loftus lens (from the Foodie […]

Grapevine Photowalk

Good times at the Grapevine photowalk with the Dallas Photo Walk Meetup group (now sadly defunct). I spent the vast majority of the time wandering around by myself and marveling at the changes a little town can undergo in just a few years. Most  interesting to me—and not pictured, unfortunately—there were numerous instances of fresh […]

365.81 Spring Creek Forest Preserve Photowalk

I came across an oddity in Dallas county… the Spring Creek Forest Preserve in Garland TX, of all places. So Momma and I went out there (all 10 minutes from her North Dallas abode) and wandered around for a few hours. From the time we left the car (about 9:15am) until we were leaving (about 11:45am), […]