Pinholes 3? Panoramas 3? But yesterday, wasn’t it 2 to 2?

Yes, and yes. One camera does both pinhole and panoramic (or near pano) compositions…


I put two rolls through the Holga 120 Wide Pinhole Camera (hereafter “WPC”) over my 9 days in Arkansas in early April 2021: an expired roll of Fuji Pro 160C and an expired roll of Kodak Ektachrome SW.

6×12 negatives are a bit hard to scan. I recently changed my scanning setup (more on that later) and am now mostly happily using the pixl-latr I kickstarted all those years ago. All of the pictures I shared from this trip were scanned with the new setup, and I get larger sharper more easily manipulated scans with it. Sounds like a win, yes?

Well, sure, though I think I need a shade: what I thought was light leaks or strange fogging on the expired film ends up being (I think) ambient light causing some glare or something. Grrr… and shame on me: I’m too lazy to figure it out and rescan for this post. Apologies.


I sorta like the wild colors it gave in some, but it didn’t work for everything, and more or less ruined some shots.

That said, my own inability to count caused plenty of havoc on its own…

But when it hit ok, it hit ok, and I see why the Holga WPC is as beloved as it is.

Now. Who would shoot slide film in a Holga? And, really, who would shoot expired slide film in a Holga Pinhole camera?

This guy, that’s who… :facepalm:

So that was my trip to Arkansas in April 2021, to visit Mom and sorta celebrate receiving the second (Moderna) Covid vaccine.* If you missed the first rounds, maybe check out other pinhole shots from the Minuta Stereo or the Intrepid mkIV and pinhole board, or weird time-based panoramas from the Lomo LC-Wide or more traditional cropped 35mm panoramas from the Minolta Freedom Vista in sorta nasty looking color neg or rather pretty expired slide film.

If this series bored you, apologies. God willing, I’ll return to regularly scheduled programming next week.

*If you’re curious, any side effects I had were endured on the drive up to Arkansas… I got the shot on a Friday, and drove up on Saturday. To be honest, I probably shouldn’t have driven. I didn’t sleep well, had some ache in my shoulder, and felt both unpleasantly drunk and rather hungover. If you haven’t been vaccinated yet and are afraid of the side effects: buck up and go do it. It’s not that bad, and it will pass, and please do your part to help us all get back to something like “normal,” whatever that means.

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