We pick the Minolta Freedom Vista fun up on an early morning walk around downtown Eureka Springs, AR just before a nice breakfast.

I shot around Mom’s house some, then partly on the drive home.

Once home, it took many days or weeks to finish off the roll: first, Ramadan began and there was a nice gathering at my in-law’s house for a gender reveal shin-dig. (Congratulations to my sister- and brother-in-law on their soon-to-be second child: a boy!)

And then Hana and I went out to our spot on Grapevine Lake, only to find it rather flooded thanks to recent rains.


All in all, a quite successful roll with the Freedom Vista! It’s a fabulous little camera, and I’m privileged to have one, and to have gotten such a deal on it ($40, with 3 other cameras: the Wardflex TLR; a bulky Olympus point-and-shoot, the Olympus Infinity Zoom 210; and a plastic panoramic camera).

Good times.


So who’s going to win? Panoramas or Pinholes? Stay tuned: one more camera to go.

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