For today’s installment of the Pinholes & Panoramas trip to Arkansas, let’s turn to the Lomo LC-Wide!

Yes, you read that right: the LC-Wide.

I know what you’re thinking: “You can’t shoot pinholes or panoramas with the LC-Wide!” And you’d be right, mostly… There is a way to shoot an “endless panorama:” shoot a roll in half frame mode, but without the half frame mask!

I didn’t do that… So how did I shoot panoramas? Well, with half frame, it’s common to shoot two similar pictures back to back and present them as one image, right?


And, sure, that’s no panorama, but what if I stitched 3 together? or 5?

And so, I present to you, some time-based panoramas of the drive up to, and around, Eureka Springs, AR, in early April 2021.

Fun, though they’d be better without the hood of the car in the way. Still, sorta panoramic-ish, right?


If you’re not satisfied with the time-based versions, well, the LC-Wide multi-image thing works for traditional panorama-type things too.

So I’ll take it.

Stay tuned: there are more real panoramas ahead on this week of Pinholes and Panoramas from my freshly-vaccinated trip to northwest Arkansas.

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