Some advice: should you decide to shoot a bunch of slide film on some pinhole cameras in a scenic place, maybe leave the 4×5 and that box of Astia at home…


Really, I got a couple of really nice pictures out of the 10 sheets of Astia (and 6 of Ektachrome 64T) I shot, and I had a good time doing it, but I can’t help wondering of these would’ve been just a bit better with some proper glass in front…

I mean, really, given the expense of large format film (and 4×5 is cheap compared to 8×10, and may Allah protect me from getting into that), especially large format slide film, wouldn’t you leave the pinholing for something cheaper (and smaller)?


Then again, with results like these, who needs glass anyway?

Robert Frank eat your heart out.

And just because I couldn’t be bothered to stick to my own plan, I took the Fujinon W 125mm f/5.6 along… So let’s do a little a/b with this dogwood in the woods just a couple doors down from Mom’s and the Image Compare block that I’ve never used before.


Horses for courses, of course, of course, and the bokeh from the Fujinon is a bit busy and distracting, and I should’ve stopped down, but you can nearly count the grains of pollen from the focused image, while the pinhole is uniformly, if pleasantly, unsharp all over. And I’m glad I finally shot a box of Astia out of the freezer, and that I finally shot a few sheets of the box of 50 sheets of Ektachrome 64T that’s been moldering in the fridge for a couple of years.

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