Over the couple of weeks it took me to shoot through the last of the Porta, I took  few random shots around the house, and a few more out the front or side window of the car… 

I do quite a bit of shooting out the front of the car and/or around the house. Seems like that’s where I have the most time and opportunity to, I guess.

Anyway. There are pictures to be made around the house, and pictures to be made from the car too, so let’s get to it!

Morning light is great light, coming in all sideways and golden.

vine and shadows

And somehow, by the will of Allah alone, I was at the right place at the right time and caught this shaft of light just about perfectly.

morning light


I think all that was shot the morning I went to Fort Worth for the Laura Wilson show. I took some pictures in the museum, so I guess I’ll share them here.

The color might be a bit off in that Remington bust. Apologies. I had a bit of trouble with these. Maybe a bit out of practice, I guess.

On the way out of Fort Worth, I almost caught this window washer just right… almost.


And just before I got home, I saw this great dually.

my name is Chuck, I drive a truck, and I like to...

Later that week, or maybe the next day, I got stuck in a bit of traffic (as usual) at 635 and 35 due the disappearance of one of the exit lanes to go south on 35. InshaAllah they get that fixed up sooner rather than later.

light traffic

And let’s wrap this one up with the darling, adorable Hanabibti looking just darling and adorable…

Hanabibti on the phone

So the Porta 160 and 400 did pretty well. They’re nice films, to be sure, but they did warp across the width of the film, as usual, which made it difficult to scan. Some film I develop at home is dead flat once it dries: the lomography films are pretty good about this, the digibase was good about it, one or two of the Fuji emulsions are ok—but some of the so-called pro films are horrible about it.

I seem to recall reading somewhere that something about stabilizer bath can cause convex curvature, but I can’t find it now. Maybe the combination of hard water and old chemicals, maybe too hot a pre-soak? Allahu Alim.

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