MM #5: Is it really? I’m not so sure…

This bad picture is sort of a teaser for something I’ve been thinking about whilst munching a piece or three (or 13) of (not) dark (enough) chocolate most night after dinner, while watching a bit of tele before bed. Some nights, these happy platitudinous advertising messages bother me less than other nights; some nights I […]

7/52-02 the Castillian’s Flora

I intended to shoot the fora and fauna around the new apartment (the Castillian is the name of these apartments), but managed to be outside without a suitable camera (read: not a phone) all three times that I saw the opossum, and the numerous times I saw squirrels, birds, and various other critters. So it’s just […]

7/52-1 exploring light in the new apartment

So today begins my 7/52 project. What is a 7/52 project? It’s sorta like a cross between a 365 project (one picture every day for a year) and a 52 project (one picture per week for a year). The goal for the 7/52 is to produce 7 pictures per week (defined as the period beginning […]