This bad picture is sort of a teaser for something I’ve been thinking about whilst munching a piece or three (or 13) of (not) dark (enough) chocolate most night after dinner, while watching a bit of tele before bed. Some nights, these happy platitudinous advertising messages bother me less than other nights; some nights I pay them no mind; other nights I actually eat decent chocolate (or none at all, if I’m flush with do-si-dos or savannah smiles or homemade cookies or even ice cream, if I’m feeling naughty and want to sleep poorly). And I know I don’t really have enough in the way of philosophy training to really come to any convincing conclusions, plus, given that I completed the University work years ago—and stopped drinking a couple of years after that—my armchair skills are a bit weak. But I think there are some claims to make about these cheery little messages, or at least some things to explore about them. Here’s hoping I keep at it enough to actually toss off a few posts…

This bad picture was made with the D7000 and Vivitar 70-210mm f/3.5 Series 1 (Kiron made, perhaps). ISO100, 1/15th (AP mode), f/3.5, and absolutely crushed in Lightroom to attempt to salvage something mediocre out of a bad picture rather than just go try to make a good one <– tsk. tsk.

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