Arkansas 4: Bookstores!

I love a good used book store. It probably goes back to my childhood: Mom and I clocked a few hundred hours in The Book Swap (across from Richland Plaza shopping center, but now long gone, so long gone in fact that the place where it used to be just looks like a vacant lot) […]

Arkansas 2: at Mom’s

Mom has a nice house in a tiny community on top of a mountain on the outskirts of Eureka Springs. Her view is beautiful, Glory be to God, and with the unusually late fall color—trees are usually bare by this time of the year: hooray for climate change, I guess—I got rather snap-happy.

Driving to Arkansas

I had some vacation time eating a hole in my timesheet and to maximize it, I took off November 17-23. Thursday-Wednesday may seem like an odd choice, perhaps, but add in the Thanksgiving holiday (November 24 and 25 this year) and I got 11 days for the price of 5… I spent the first 4 days on […]