Snapseed vs…

So is the Workaround worth it? For some things, maybe… but it’s really just another image toy.

So here’s the Original.Snapseed Workaround|2|©JamesECockroft-20150417And here’s the Snapseed edit.Snapseed Workaround|1|©JamesECockroft-20150417Compare that to a similar edit from Enlight. Compare to Enlight|2|©JamesECockroft-20150417Pretty similar…

Except for the Glow filter in Snapseed (which I quite like), and all the borders and artistic filters and whatnot in Enlight (which I don’t much use), the apps have similar capabilities.

To tell the truth, Enlight is far more powerful, but it’s also $4. Snapseed is free. The Workaround might be worth it.

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Happy #buynothingday!

Instead of shopping, if you’re not working already, why don’t you go into work: there won’t be anyone there.IMG_6929.JPG

Or if that doesn’t appeal, maybe find a local rec center or gym and shoot some ball: take a friend, as it’ll likely be rather quiet today.


Or spend time with family, relax, enjoy the weather if it’s nice, take some naps, maybe eat a turkey sandwich (with the mayo and cranberry sauce and maybe a bit of greenbean casserole on some cheap white bread=YUM), whatever you do, just don’t buy anything.

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The Moon and my Wife

Two quick black & whites, converted from color with Filterstorm on the iPhone 5.

One was originally shot with the D7000 and I don’t remember which lens; the other with the iPhone’s built in camera app.

Which is which?

First, my darling wife, busily studying before bed:

And now the moon (this one sorta looks like it could be a Gerhard Richter painting, an outtake from the October 18,1977 series):*

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