7/52-50 Phoning it in, poorly

Well, I just didn’t even try this week. Too busy with other stuff. Makes me wonder if I should give up this photography hobby altogether. I’m ashamed to even be posting these, and I have no plans to post these pictures to G+ or anywhere else. If you clicked this far, apologies, but maybe this will be an object lesson to you: avoid committing yourself to a project unless you’re willing to 1) fail occasionally and 2) actually make the time to work on the project.

Apologies, again.

iPhone 5. All shot with the built-in camera app. Most processed with Perspective Correct and/or Filterstorm Neue.

A note on Filterstorm Neue: classic Filterstorm is still the king of general photo editing apps on the iPhone, but the Neue version is slowly gaining on it, and I look forward to moving to Neue full time in the coming weeks/months/whenever the developer gets everything in there.

7/52-39 Blinded Light

First week in the new apartment with my new wife was very busy, as you might imagine… Alhamdulillah.

But I did make some time to shoot, with the phone, in the about 20 or so minutes I had (maybe 18 on Wednesday, but not all together… maybe 10 minutes or 15 around 3:15pm, and another 2-3 a couple of other times Wednesday; and maybe 90 seconds last evening), and some perhaps 10 or 15 minutes to play with VSCO cam on the phone (usually while otherwise occupied with… but I won’t get into that).

Inshallah/God Willing/Hopefully, I’ll have some time time with the big camera this week. I want to do some macro play.

Anyway. As I usually do, I’ve been examining the light around here. It’s quite different from the last apartment, somewhat darker overall, but much more evenly lit, with windows on two adjacent sides, rather than on opposite sides as with previous ones. Some day when I have more time I might spend more time on this, but not today: too tired, and to much to do before the weekend ends.

So the blinds… different than the last apartment, thinner and more colorful, and so more open to variation. All in all, good subjects, I think, maybe.

Everything was shot with the iPhone 5 using ProCamera 7, and processed in VSCO Cam, with a few also going to Perspective Correct. Fun stuff.