Kodak Ektachrome 5306 200D was a daylight balanced chrome stock, if you couldn’t tell from the name… This particular roll came to me in an FPP Ollie’s Choice box and expired in 1982. I shot it at 100 in the Nikon FG with the 50mm f/1.8 E series, and developed it in a fresh batch of Unicolor C-41 chemicals.

Yes, I said yo to x-pro. Apologies. But I think it turned out ok.

I started the roll on Friday March 17 and finished it on Saturday the 18th.

I started the roll at home on Friday, taking selfies and shooting out the window. The selfies were a bust, but I like these pictures of the sheer curtain on the patio, even if the color is off…

After Friday prayers, I took a few pictures of the Carolina Jasmine and Peach tree with their springtime blooms.

Saturday afternoon, I drove up to Gainesville to meet Mr. Holga for fried pies and an Expired Film Weekend walk. Sadly, we had a miscommunication, so I had fried pies alone, while he walked Greenville alone. Oh well.

After fried pies, I took a nice walk around town. I like shooting in Gainesville. It reminds me of Denton in the early 1990s, somewhat struggling, a bit derelict, but starting to try and inch into the public consciousness some.

On the way home, I stopped in Boliver to visit my Great- and Grandparents as usual. Their graves were nice and tidy, which was good to see.

At this point, you’ll notice the hint of sprocket holes along the edges of most of the images. For some reason, I got a huge amount of light leakage in the scanning process. I’ve tried dozens of tricks to get rid of it, but I think this roll of Ektachrome, and maybe many slide films, is shiny on the base side and the emulsion side. I scan the emulsion side, and usually avoid leaks with color negative and black & white, but this roll of slide film (and maybe others) was just too shiny.

The next version of my scanning rig will feature continuous light thanks to the generosity of DanK on Twitter, and he’s thrown in a home-made scanning mask that I may try to use to block out sprockets altogether.


When I got home, I went back to shooting the Carolina Jasmine and peach tree, and had some fun flipping the lens around and shooting it handheld and up really close. Party!

I think that last image is the best one of the whole weekend. Let’s take a closer look…

MashaAllah. Gorgeous, I think.

After the Jasmine, I took a walk around to the front yard and shot the tree who’s name I don’t know and the Asian pear tree in bloom.

And that was my roll of Ektachrome 5306 200D. Good times.

Oh! In addition to the greenish light leaks from scanning, you also likely noticed some horizontal lines. This roll of Ektachrome dried extremely curly, both length-wise and width wise, and I rolled it emulsion side out and stuffed it into an empty film canister overnight, as I do with all laterally curled film. Alas, I think it was still a bit too wet when I rolled it up, and the emulsion got stretched or something.

I can’t be sure… maybe it’s something due to age or storage conditions, but I’ll blame myself.

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