A few months back, I stumbled across a cache of long-expired Konica Film-In Panorama single use cameras on the ‘bay and bought three of them, hoping against hope that they were something like the excellent Konica WaiWai that I love so much.

I planned to harvest the long expired film and shoot it in some other camera at a more appropriate EI, and then see how hard they were to reload.

Well, step one was easy. I harvested the first roll with ease: just cover the lens and shoot through the roll, then pop it out, retrieve the leader, and go. Step two was, well, not really worth it.

But this isn’t about the cameras. This is about the second roll of film I harvested to check and see if my attempt at solving the light leak issues I have with my (new-to-me) LC-A were solved (they weren’t), started around town in late February, and finished on March 16th during my solo Gainesville photowalk.

I shot through the 12 exposure roll in no time at a mix of EIs from 50-200, and I have to say I think it did best at 50, though I don’t recall really which ones I shot at what EI…

I shot the trees in bloom and those yet to bloom.

I shot houses and more trees in bloom…

And I shot a particularly fun close focus, far focus shot of some sort of tree/hedge thing and the house beyond…

And that was the end of the roll. (I actually got 14 frames out of the roll, but the first 6 weren’t shot on Expired Film Day/Weekend, and they’re nothing special anyway.)

All in all, good times!

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