I recall swearing off film parties last year sometime… I’m not going to look it up, but astute, regular readers (if there are any of you) might remember.

But when the FP4+Party rolled around again, I ran to Don’s and picked up a couple of rolls, then came home and loaded one into the n8008 I picked up last year sometime, stuck the 28-105D on the front, and started shooting.

So… two pictures in (or three, maybe): one in the late afternoon, a second in the late evening, and the n8008 got up to it’s old trick, and the one that’s kept me from shooting it more or reviewing it in all this time, it couldn’t find the frame numbers or something and decided to start flashing the “film misloaded” error and wind through the whole roll.

There must be a sensor or something somewhere that needs cleaning, but I can’t see it. I might consider taking the camera for a CLA somewhere, but that would probably cost double or triple what I paid for it (or what I’d pay for an n90 or maybe even an F100, both of which would focus faster than the n8008), so I’ll probably add it to the sale page or just dump it in the Goodwill pile.

Anyway. I retrieved the filmleader and reloaded the roll in a camera I know works: the excellent Nikon FM3a, with the same 28-105D. It performed admirably, as expected, though maybe I didn’t so much.

Hana and I went to the nursury, looking for a couple of trees for the backyard. Didn’t find anything, but I took a nice picture of her.

Took a picture of some tree leaves too. Eh.

That was Saturday, the penultimate day of shoot week. So Sunday, I went to a park in Euless and just shot my way through the roll. I was fresh off of the Little Game, so I had some thoughts of what I was shooting, but I’m not sure I got it, so I’m not going to say anything about what I was thinking, or anything, really.

I played around with the Macro switch on the 28-105 some. It’s one of the things I love about that lens, but I’ve yet to make a decent macro shot in black & white. There’s one in the gallery above, and below is the one from the plant nursery.

The problem, for me, with the wonderfully fun, social (if by a distance), film parties is that I tend to just try to finish a roll in a week, usually of film I don’t ordinarily shoot. If I’m going to continue with them (and I sorta want to), I need to find a way to use them to work on something.

I’m not sure what, yet, but something.

Anyway, here’s one last one, maybe my favorite from the roll. Thanks for reading!

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