Fuel, Irving TX 2018

More cars parked for slurpees and hot dogs and snacks, than for fuel… Interesting, if unsurprising. I sometimes stop for a slurpee myself, and almost never stop at this station for fuel. It’s just never on the right side of the street for me, I don’t pass it coming or going, and have to make a special effort to pull in for a half cola half cherry slurpee.

It’s funny. Sometimes I really want some junk food, a Choco Taco or Blizzard or Sundae or something, almost always when I’m on my way home from work. My usual route is all highways, and I’m loathe to exit, and when I do exit, try a new, surface street route home, the fast food places and convenience stores are all on the wrong side of the street for me… Alhamdulillah.

Allah’s guidance is truly the only guidance, and may He guide me to better and better, Ameen.

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