Agfa Vista Plus 200 was a great film to take along on that business trip to Costa Rica. The film soaked up all the light and color there and I can look back at it now, in early March in North Texas, and almost feel the pleasant warmth, smell the fragrant flowers, feel the breeze on my face. 

After not much shooting in my first week there, I took a walk on, a Sunday afternoon around Cuidad Cariari, a groovy neighborhood near San Jose, with some beautiful mid-Century homes and lush gardens, and shot almost the entire roll. I got lost and struggled to find my way back to the hotel, even with Google Maps on the phone (and about $25 in data roaming fees: thanks AT&T).

I can’t say enough good things about the film, and I don’t know why I haven’t kept it in stock… If I didn’t have a bunch of film in the fridge already, I’d order some right now, I think: beautiful film, and cheap as chips, as they say.

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