rainbow, Volcán Irazú, Costa Rica, 2015

The morning fog was clearing over the Irazu Volcano, and rainbows began appearing in the mist. I managed a stitched panorama from the D7000 and broken 28-105D, but didn’t even see this one, on Agfa Vista 200 in the LC-A, until I re-scanned the film recently.

Back in 2015, my scanning rig, sadly, was dependent on the macro switch in the 28-105D, but the version I had at the time had a misaligned front element, so any scans I made with it after that time had only half of the scan in proper focus, if that… I should really go back and re-scan everything with the new, far more stable scanning rig, but it’s so time consuming.

Thanks to Alex for taking me around that Saturday all those years ago. It was a good time.

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