A couple of years ago, the company I work for moved our office, from a faceless office park down the street to a comparatively fancier X-shaped building in North Dallas. Everyone was thrilled.* The new office occupies one whole wing of the X, and half of another, and it’s up high too, with a nice view down a major street where I took a whole bunch of streaking taillight pictures.

Well now, they’re moving us again, but this time just around the corner, literally, from the half-a-wing of the X we were in, to the full wing. Good times.

The old desk was a bit of a shambles when I left it. 2 years and 5 months, 40+ hours a week will do that to a desk.

Even with all that, it didn’t take me long to move what needed moving, recycle what needed recycling, and shredding what needed shredding, maybe 20 minutes.

One trip with the rolling cart and most of the stuff was good.

The carpet needs some cleaning—and we’re all waiting (im)patiently for that day—and after a couple of days, I moved things around again, but I’m back to a fairly clean slate. Maybe I’ll keep it a bit cleaner this time, maybe.


This new side of the office gets blasted by the sun every morning, and it’s nice to see that.

The other side was nice and light, but the sunrise wasn’t visible, and we didn’t get all sorts of great shadows in the mornings.

It’s really pleasant enough, and while I’ll miss the streaking taillights spot, I bet I’ll find some other spots around, and I think it’s a nice enough place to walk into for the next however long Allah azza wa jall keeps me there.


*I’m joking, of course: for some, it was the End Times; for others, it was a clear sign that their jobs were going away; for me, well, I rolled with it. I like the extra drive: let’s me get home out of my head before I get to work, and work out of my head before I get home. And others are fine with it now: they can work from home at will, and two+ years later, most everyone still has their job.

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