The Cedar Ridge Preserve is a nice bit of nature, just 20 minutes south of Dallas, and worth a visit if you like pleasant little hikes along marginally improved trails. Most of the preserve is, well, preserved, wild. I quite like it; my darling little wife, less so, perhaps. Saturday morning, the next-to-last shooting day of the #FP4Party, my darling adorable wife and I took a nice ~2.5 mile hike up, down, and around. We took the Escarpment Trail down to Cattail Pond, then took the Fossil Valley Trail up and around to where it met up with the Cattail Pond Trail, then up and down and back to the car. 

And somewhere up near the top of the one of the hills, I got one of the best pictures of the Hanabibti I’ve captured in a long long time…


So the Cedar Ridge Preserve is a nice place… I probably shouldn’t talk it up too much, as I wouldn’t want it to become overrun… it’s nice and quiet just as it is now, and we enjoyed it, or I did, anyway, and we look forward to going again one day (soon, I hope).

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