Today marks the start of post week for the December 2017 #FP4Party!.

I shot so much during shoot week (3 rolls of 35mm and 4 sheets of 4×5), so if you don’t like FP4 in Rodinal (1:50, 12 minutes), maybe wait till next week sometime before you pop back by, cause it’s going to be all FP4+ this week, InshaAllah.

If you’re not familiar with the FP4 Party, it was started by Emulsive last year (I think) and runs mostly on Twitter. You shoot some FP4 in week one, develop it in week 2, and post some favorites in week 3. I did it in November and December last year.

If you want to join in, grab a roll or 3 of FP4+ (or some sheets, maybe) and get ready: the next shoot week is just a couple of weeks away.

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