I’m not sure what it was I read, maybe this post on the MastinLabs blog, but I decided to shoot a roll of Porta 160 at 320… I’m not sure I see a huge amount of difference between 160 and 320, and I didn’t a/b it or anything, and I haven’t shot a huge amount of Porta 160, but I think I prefer it pushed a stop.

This isn’t an in-depth post or anything: just a couple of random shots. Sorry in advance if you were looking for or expecting something different.

So first up, the landscape shot above. Here it is uncropped.

The colors are nicely pastel, as is expected with Porta 160, but maybe there’s a bit more contrast, maybe.

But indoors, I think it did better… I went to visit my Dad on Father’s Day. He had to work, so I took him some lunch and sat with him while he ate. (I was fasting for Ramadan, or probably would’ve taken him out.)

I struggled with the color on this, but now see the black t shirt and phone case… I might go back and redo, but I like the skin tone, and don’t think I want to mess with this too much more: I missed focus badly. Oh well.

From this brief test, I’m not sure… if lighting conditions dictate, I feel perfectly content pushing Portra 160 a stop with no worries, and I might try this at 640 or 1280… could be good.

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