Worst unboxing yet… Apologies.


So what went so wrong? Well: the framing is off a bit, still, again; my sock is twisted and my waggling foot draws repeated attention to the twist in the sock; my head obscures the subject, again; and (a new one!) I accidentally set the camera up to shoot in the U2 setting, which is perfect for real estate jpegs, but Auto ISO is no good for shooting video, as evidenced by the flickering.


I might try to shoot it again, maybe, though I do like the ripping open of the box bit in this one and that’s a unrepeatable, single-take affair, sadly.

I do like the light in this, as hacked-together as it was. Here’s the set-up, with thanks to the previous tenants for leaving behind the cheap fluorescent light…

Natural Light (overcast day) + Ikea task light (very yellow) + Fluorescent strip lights (rather green) = sorta pleasant light, sorta.

One of these days, maybe I’ll figure out some things to say, or some interest to add to these. As it stands now, they’re mostly just some slightly balding white guy flipping through a book…Unboxing Paul Graham’s “The Whiteness of the Whale”

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