365.44 HDR, the Easy Way (or, More Multifun Fun, or, again, I couldn’t think of anything to shoot, so I shot this, or, “the view from my desk at 5:09 pm”)

I’ve been busy this afternoon: I had to fetch groceries since I need to go in to work tomorrow and need to make soup tomorrow and one of the annual marathons is on tomorrow which means I’ll be boxed in or out from ~6am to noonish; I posted short reviews and example images of the last two Hipstamatic Disposable cameras on my blog (and example shots from regular Hipstamatic’s new lens) [If you’re curious: the El Mario and Gregory GR8 cameras are complete wastes of 99 cents, imo.]; tried to wash clothes but all the machines are full; sat down to check email, found the sun glaring in my eyes, realized it was getting late, whipped out the camera and made this double exposure.

This technique definitely has some possibilites.

D7000, Sigma 30mm f/1.4, ISO100, 1/125 and 1/30(ish), f/3.5, both at -2.0 EV, shot in Aperture Priority mode, and stitched together in camera.

And if you look closely, I did move a tiny bit…

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