Hipstamatic offered up a new lens and case today. Here are some example shots of the lens with a few of my favorite films.

The lens gives everything a blue or purple cast, with a blurred bit in randomized areas.

I like this one, and it makes me think I should go through and turn off some of the films and lenses that I don’t like so they don’t show up in the randomizer. Then again, I use the randomizer for pretty much every shot I take, and I sort of like it when I set up a decent composition take the shot, and walk away, only to discover that the randomizer coughed up the Dreamy film…

And the case is glossy and crisp, like something from the future in the 1950s maybe, and it’s my current case of choice. (Sadly, I didn’t take a screenshot, and probably won’t, but if you ask nicely I might be convinced to add one someday.)

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