Momma is a big fan of spectra. She has a 14 color spectrum of yarn on top of some bookshelves. She has a 6 color spectrum of water bottles on one windowsill, and this set of 6 glasses on another windowsill.

I didn’t get a great angle on this due to physical limitations, so the yellow and green glasses sort of blend together (the wide aperture didn’t help either), and this is another handheld multifun thing, so sharpness isn’t what it could be, but I really like the colors, distortions, and the weird white ghost in the lower right corner, and I’m really glad I shoot raw, since the D7000 was set up for -2 EV from yesterday…

Any tricks you have on how I might get myself to remember to reset the camera before putting it away for the day will be appreciated.


D7000, Sigma 30mm f/1.4, ISO100, 1/500th (twice), f/2, -2EV (pushed to +2 in Aperture), some saturation added to reflections, black point raised slightly, and that’s about it.

And by the way, this is the only picture I’ve taken today… I think I’ll go rectify that.

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