DJ Shepard Fairey (!) performed at the Dallas Contemporary last night (despite my interest in graffiti and street art, I didn’t attend…), and his crew (or perhaps Shep himself) did a bit of wheatpasting during the week last week. I tracked these few down today, and may go hunting for some more during the week on my way home from work, though I likely will have better things to do.

If you’re interested in taking a look, there are three in a group on Singleton Boulevard at McPherson, and one outside the Contemporary on Glass Street (near where Riverfront bisects and becomes Market Center and Irving Boulevard). I expect there are a few more around (the Contemporary claims “more than 12 murals throughout the city with a focus on West Dallas”), wherever the folks at the Contemporary could secure permission for some street art. One would hope that Shep would go and reclaim some of his spots around Deep Ellum and downtown, but given his celebrity that seems a bit doubtful. His Obey Hope print hangs in the Smithsonian, after all.

This may or may not serve as my 365for the day. I’m a bit tired from cleaning all morning, and I really don’t feel like tracking down something to shoot, but I’m not sure that I want to give even 1/365th of my 365 project to Shep (if you’ve read my thesis, you might gather that I’m not the biggest fan of Mr. Fairey). We’ll see.

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    1. The one on the outside of the Contemporary itself was probably painted over awhile ago.
      As for the ones on Singleton and around West Dallas, that area has been rapidly gentrifying for years. Even a decade or more ago when I took these pictures, nearby properties were for sale and there were already condos going in. I wouldn’t be surprised if these were all removed or painted over many years ago. I know they had been tagged and whatnot even in 2014 or 2015, the last time I went by there.