On with my experiments in multiple exposure. This time: testing what happens when multiple exposures meet shallow depth of field.

I started out with a still life of sorts, but quickly noticed that these beads made some great bokeh, so I got rid of everything else and focused on the beads.

Or, rather, focused on different sections of beads.

And then I ran out of light, so out came the SB-700 and the CerealBox StripBox(tm).

This shot was the result of an accident.

First shot (without flash, due to my failure to remember to wake up the Cactus V5s), focused on the far end of the beads, ISO100, ~1/4, f/1.8.

Second shot (with the flash this time, 1/4 power, through the stripbox with its diffuser in place), focused on the same spot, ISO100, 1/4, f/1.8.

Third shot, focused on the beads in the near ground, with the flash (same as above) and the same settings as above (if I recall: I once again forgot to write stuff down… for shame).

All shot with the 50mm 1.8G: great lens, fyi.

This makes a nice, dreamy effect, much like I imagine wiping vaseline on the lens would do, but with some planes in reasonably sharp focus, while others are totally blown out.

All in all: Good Times!

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