I started out today’s 365 time with plans on doing some more multiple exposure experiments, intending to try to make this little Maneki Neko figure look as if it was lit by multiple strobes, even though I have only the one SB-700.

I took about 20 multiple exposures (60 shots) holding the SB-700 with a small snoot on the end, zoomed to 85, and varying power from from 1/4 – 1/16 within each multiple exposure (1/4 for the key & 1/16 for the fill, for example).

That got old with a quickness, and took a long time, and I couldn’t seem to strike a balance between blocking out the ambient light and blowing out the highlights.

So I abandoned the multiple exposure test, and went to playing with the flash and waiting for the screensaver to look just right…

After about 45 minutes: success! And with some evidence of Maneki Neko’s waving hand to top it all off! GoGo!

D7000 with Nikon 75-150mm f/3.5 E Series at 150mm; ISO100, 1/4th sec., f/3.5. SB-700 at 1/16th power, handheld, triggered by a Cactus V5, bounced into a $4 car window reflector at lower camera right, and reflected off of a second $4 car window reflector to the left of the subject.

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