I guess I’m more of a Fuji guy, I guess

Just before I went off to Arkansas, I shot and developed two rolls—Fuji Superia X-TRA 400 and Kodak Gold 100—of expired film from the FPP LoFi HiDrag box I picked up a month or so ago, and shoved some selects into a folder with the intent of writing up posts and sharing them while on holiday.

I didn’t even turn on the computer, though, and last week went to clean out the to-upload folder, I found these and didn’t remember what they were about. I did remember the notes I made while processing all that film from the Arkansas trip, and I remembered that I never talked about Kodak vs. Fuji to the extent I intended to in that series. Looking back at these now, I see echoes, antecedents, perhaps, of the things I experienced with the fresh consumer stocks I shot during the Arkansas trip, even matching somewhat the things I noted in my one brief comparison.

Before I get started, though, one thing: if you enjoy shooting film, please shoot fresh film. Expired film is fun to play with, but please purchase, shoot, and talk up fresh film as often as you’re able, lest Fuji and Kodak Alaris and the very few other manufacturers stop making film altogether and we get stuck with dwindling stocks of expired stuff like these two rolls from the good people at the FPP… Continue reading “I guess I’m more of a Fuji guy, I guess”