Deep Freeze, TX

If you’re unaware, that is, if you were living on top of a faraway mountain with no access to national or international news, or if you’re reading this far into the future and have forgotten, the polar vortex slid down into Texas, all the way to the Rio Grande, late on Valentine’s Day, or early […]

Some Instant Fun

The Spring 2020 Polaroid Week went down, as usual (I think), in the last week of April, and I started a day or two late and ended up rushing through most of every pack on the last day… Now, two weeks later, I still haven’t scanned everything, but I’m itching to share some photographs for […]

Enter the Instax Wide…

Last year, my dear Mom gave me a Lomo LC-Wide with the Instant Back package for it, and since she was gifting a LC-Wide, she picked up a pack of Instax Wide film for it… My employer uses this Bravo! thing for employee recognition, and after several years* I built up a bunch of reward […]