In a sort of rush to come up with a photo post this week,* I stumbled across a scanned, but unprocessed** pack of random Instax wide photos. I got to looking at them and, well, Soundgarden started playing in my head…

Flip through the gallery, and you might see why… I tried to sequence in a way that might suggest the flow of the song… Maybe it works?

  • 1-In-my-eyes-indisposed
  • 2-boiling-heat-summer-stench
  • 3-chorus-1
  • 4-stuttering
  • 5-in-my-shoes
  • 6-chorus-2
  • 7-brige
  • 8-Solo
  • 9-hang-my-head-
  • 10-chours-outro

I made a simple zine of this too, and, really, it works better as a zine. There’s no text in this zine, not even a title or anything. I had an idea to scribble lyrics on the copy I printed, then scan that back in, but I didn’t really like how it came out… If I try again, maybe I’ll update.

Any thoughts?

*I recently performed a shoot-out between the Vivitar UWS, Konica WaiWai, Lomo LC-Wide, and Nikon FM3a with 17-35mm f/2.8 D. I have the images ready and will share that eventually, but time is tight… This is our 8th anniversary weekend, and I’m scrambling to get posts written before we head out.
** I do little to no post processing on my instant scans. Maybe some dust removal, that’s it. But I scan in 5 at a time (for Instax Wide), so have to do some work to crop and all.

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