Today, I’m thankful for community. I’m grateful to be a small, insignificant part of some larger group, grateful for the support and brother/sisterhood, the understanding and friendship, even the quarrels that come from participating in things with other humans.* Continue reading “Community”

#Neopantastic! (Battle of the 35mm Nikkors)

This is my first time shooting Fuji’s excellent Neopan Acros 100. Given the cost of it, especially relative to, say FP4+, I might never have tried it if not for the #Neopantastic! event on Twitter…  In order to give it a proper test, I decided to pit the fully automatic $2 Nikon One Touch 100, with it’s sharp-as-anything 35mm f/3.5, against the much newer FM3a, perhaps finest small 35mm camera Nikon ever made, with the well-enough regarded Nikkor 35mm f/2 D attached to the front.

Just for fun, I also used two different developers: D76 1 + 1 for the One Touch; Rodinal 1 + 50 for the FM3a.

Who won, do you think? Any bets? Continue reading “#Neopantastic! (Battle of the 35mm Nikkors)”