Thirty Six… sixth post is the last, methinks

While I claimed earlier that Thirty Six forces users to slow down, that’s exactly what I didn’t do with these… And maybe that’s one of the best things about this app: it’s ideal for short-ish, limited photowalks, and similarly perhaps for specific projects of whatever 12- or 36-shot duration you might have. It’s a great […]

Thirty Six goes to Maghrib

Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: The Prophet (sallallaahu ’alayhi wa sallam) said, “He who purifies (performs Wudu’) himself in his house and then walks to one of the houses of Allah (mosque) for performing an obligatory Salat, one step of his will wipe out his sins and another step will elevate […]

Snapseed vs…

So is the Workaround worth it? For some things, maybe… but it’s really just another image toy. So here’s the Original.And here’s the Snapseed edit.Compare that to a similar edit from Enlight. Pretty similar… Except for the Glow filter in Snapseed (which I quite like), and all the borders and artistic filters and whatnot in […]

Maybe it’s not Snapseed’s problem…

Last night while I slept, Jorge sent me an email with a workaround to the Snapseed image saving problem: “The best way I ahve found is to import your photos using AirDrop. Your edits will all be intact and it works a lot faster than uploading to DropBox…” Thanks, Jorge! After reading Jorges email, curious […]