While I claimed earlier that Thirty Six forces users to slow down, that’s exactly what I didn’t do with these… And maybe that’s one of the best things about this app: it’s ideal for short-ish, limited photowalks, and similarly perhaps for specific projects of whatever 12- or 36-shot duration you might have.

It’s a great app, really.

With the last roll, I started it when I left the house to walk to the Masjid for the Maghrib prayer. I finished it up inside the mosque, just before entering the Mussalah area.

This roll was started on my way out of the Masjid after Salat, and these three were taken just in front of the house with the built-in 400 BW 120 roll.

12 shots was really a bit much for a one-way trip, but did force me to think a bit more about what to shoot, if not to be more careful and take my time.

So again, if you like this idea for an app, and have an iPhone and the $1.99 to spend, go for it. You won’t regret it.

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