Hipstamatic D-Series Retropak

Is it mere coincidence? Here on the blog, I spent much of last week reminiscing about the old D-Series, and today Synaptic releases 3 lenses and two films from the D-Series, and a new shareable disposable-type camera. (Life in LoFi wrote about the lenses & filters here; I’ll share my first roll from the new […]

Hipstamatic Disposable update 11 – 3 years later

I’ve been looking through my archives lately, and I came across the pictures I shot with Hipstamatic’s D series app. I didn’t recognize them at first, but one benefit of keeping a blog going this long is the ability to go back in time. I wondered how the D series would fare on the iPhone […]

Hipstamatic Disposable update 10 – the BlackKeys 44 camera

Well I finally managed to finish up the BlackKeys 44 camera I started several months ago, then realized I hadn’t played with the slider at all in it, so I shot another one. This is my current favorite, I think: gritty, contrasty, black/white, with a minimal border = good times. I also shot another roll […]