Is it mere coincidence?

Here on the blog, I spent much of last week reminiscing about the old D-Series, and today Synaptic releases 3 lenses and two films from the D-Series, and a new shareable disposable-type camera. (Life in LoFi wrote about the lenses & filters here; I’ll share my first roll from the new DSPO app later tonight or tomorrow.)

It must be mere coincidence, if there even is such a thing…

The D-Series lenses and films are available for free through Friday, so grab them while they’re hot.

Here’s the test picture from last week, as see through the new lenses and films. (I pulled shared the lenses and films with Oggl.)

It’s really great to have the BlacKeys 44 film back. I liked the camera of the same name, and I can see some definite possibilities in the Lite Film and the various lenses.

I’m thankful they left behind the Unicorn and other silly lenses and films. Some of those cameras (the 99¢ ones) were truly awful.

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