Visual Supply Company (VSCO) released a free pair of Lightroom presets today, featuring two film looks: Kodak Gold 100 and Kodak TRI-X.

The above is from some old negatives I found from many years ago (more about them tomorrow) that I processed with the Kodak Gold 100 Portrait preset.

And this one is the Kodak Tri-X (1) preset. VSCO 00 TRI-XBoth come with 16 versions, all slightly different. Quite a bit of fun, really, and maybe one day I’ll try with some contemporary digital images of recognizable things.And this last one, I forgot about… It was processed with the Kodak Gold 100 preset. VSCO 00 Kodak Gold 100 presetNice color, really, and probably somewhat close to what the Kodak Gold 400 would’ve produced.

Interesting to scan Kodak Gold 400 negatives and process them with a preset that emulates Kodak Gold 100. Fun times.


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