I’m not sure if the butterfly house is part of the Discovery Gardens or merely adjacent to them, but several companies have written indexes and algorithms to search this fancy Internet thing, and seeing as I’m a professional researcher, I guess I can go find out…And indeed, it appears that the Rosine Smith Sammons Butterfly House & Insectarium is, indeed, part of the Gardens.

Anyway. The Butterfly House was our first stop, as it is for most visitors, I think, since it’s right there next to the check in desk… If you haven’t been before, it’s a two story tropical greenhouse thing with some elevated paths that wind through it. As with the gardens themselves, I went through this all those years ago too during that photowalk that I never shared anything about here.

As with most up-down walking activities, you’re encouraged to take the elevator (or stairs) to the second floor and walk down. I wonder if that’s only here in the US, or if it’s endemic. Might we be marginally healthier if we walked up sometimes? Or might we walk up sometimes if we were marginally healthier?*

Allahu Alim.

So. To the pictures. Don’t look too closely… Rather… why would I share something I don’t want you to look at? Let’s hit the reset on this post and the whole week…

So Hana and I went to the Texas Discovery Gardens back on April 4. It all arose thanks to a Groupon.

I shot Hipstamatic on the iPhone and Lomography Color 100 on the FG. As of time of writing, I’ve not yet developed that roll. As soon as I shoot through another, I’ll develop and share those.

I intended to whack these few pictures up into maybe 5 posts and spread them out over the week, but that seems silly to me now. All this shoot for a half a day, then share those pictures for a month is not really what I’m interested in. I want to shoot more and share only the best, or share the best and some process bits, and I want to share more quickly, rather than posting about Costa Rica a month after I went there, why not post while I was there? Instead of visiting the Discovery gardens and spreading posts out for a week three weeks later, why not shoot, process, and share maybe the next day at the latest? That seems a bit more reasonable, more immediate, more honest.

So here’s the timeline: we started at the Butterfly house, then walked through the gardens. We got tired there, then went to the garden center of one of those big lumber and home repair stores.

It was a good time. If I recall, I was bothered for most of it. I don’t know if my darling wife noticed. I should tell her when things bother me, but things that I’m bothered by are usually minor and silly.  Anyway. On to the pictures:

So that was the Texas Discovery Gardens. I’d like to say it was a good time, but I honestly don’t remember: it’s already been a week since we were there and I didn’t mention it in the RantBook(tm). Everything above was shot on the iPhone 5 with Hipstamatic. I shot a roll with the FG, and I’ll share those as soon as I get them developed, scanned and all.

Going forward, I intend to be a bit more active, both with my shooting and my sharing: shooting more, and trying to post more immediately.

If you follow this blog at all—and given the traffic here, that seems doubtful—posting times are likely to change, with more showing up later in the day, though I might schedule posts one or two days in advance. And I may be sharing more to the Tumblog, Twitter and Flickr accounts too, but I’ll try to link everything up to the effbook so you can see it all there. But no more shooting in February and sharing in March or April, InshaAllah.

*In the old office, I used to go run the stairs from time to time. In the new office, the stairs are emergency exits only. I suppose you can get out through the lobby, but you pretty much have to ride the elevator up. I wonder if we’d be a bit healthier if we took the stairs from time to time.

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